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Radiant Heating Panels

The safest, greenest and most economical heating product on the market.

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As an environmentally conscious design builder, we discovered infrared radiant heat panels. Now we use them for all our projects. We have since become a dealer of these infrared ceiling panels so we can help other builders and designers with using these remarkable heating panels for their projects.

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Why Choose Radiant Heating?

Radiant Heating Makes You Feel Warm

Have you ever been outside in the sunshine feeling the warmth of the sun, when suddenly a cloud covers the sun momentarily and you instantly feel colder? Of course the outside air temperature hasn’t changed, but the radiant heat from the sun has been blocked by the cloud. Even if it is 70 degrees outside, when the sun is blocked you feel colder. SolaRay panels heat objects and surfaces in the room, turning the whole space into a radiant heater and keeping you comfortably warm.

Here are some other reasons you should choose radiant heating for your living or work spaces: