Lummi Housing Authority Case Study

Ducoterra’s SolaRay infrared heating panels are providing sun-like warmth and clean, silent, allergen-free heat for the children’s therapy facility. Founded in 1999, Jumping Mouse Children’s Center located in Port Townsend, Washington transforms children’s lives by providing expressive mental health therapy. Being a non-profit organization, Jumping Mouse needed a heating solution that was both safe and economical as every dollar is limited. Ducoterra’s panels were a perfect fit, combining safe, clean heat while maximizing energy efficiency and their bottom-line.

Ducoterra supplied ten of its 750 watt SolaRay infrared ceiling heating panels to heat the new facility. These efficient panels will save Jumping Mouse over $400 a year in heating costs and $14,000 over the lifetime of the facility. The SolaRay panels are safely on the ceiling, radiating sun-like warmth and providing healthy, silent, and comfortable heating for the children and the therapists, while using 35% less energy than standard wall heaters and 50% less than baseboard heaters.

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