Simple To Install
Radiant panels save you money

In home heating systems, there is usually a trade-off between what it costs to install a heating system, and what it costs to operate it. At one end of the spectrum, electric baseboard heating is the cheapest system to install, but its high energy consumption makes it the most costly to operate. At the other extreme, a geothermal heat pump in the most economical to operate, but is extremely expensive to install, typically costing over $30,000 to install.

Inexpensive AND Efficient

Infrared heating panels are nearly as inexpensive to install as cadet or baseboard heaters, while operating 35-50% more efficiently. They are as simple to install as a light fixture, require no maintenance, and operate completely silentl. They come with a 20-year warranty and have a 40 year expected lifetime. Infrared panels combine the best of both worlds with a low installed cost and a high operating efficiency.

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