Simple To Install
Cost Saving
Radiant Panels are Efficient

Convective Heating Wastes Energy – Radiant Heating Panels Do Not

Unlike typical central forced air heaters or baseboard and wall heaters which utilize convection, radiant panels utilize infrared heating to warm you just like the sun does when you are outdoors. Our panels directly heat people, furniture, walls, and floors in a room with a comfortable heat that gently increases the ambient temperature of the room. This method of heating is more pleasant when compared to heating systems that rely on convective air currents to circulate warm air in a room.

Product Technology Details

Radiant panels are simple, lightweight half-inch thick panels that range in size from 2′ x 2′ up to 2′x 6′. Part of our product innovation is our simplified and rapid assembly process for these panels. We use a high-performance Aerogel insulation, originally developed by NASA, that improves both efficiency and aesthetics of the product and have engineered the heating element to take maximum advantage of material performance characteristics.

The heating panels contain an electrical resistance wire that warms as current is passed through it. SolaRay panels are warm, but not hot, to the touch when in operation. They are backed with reflective material and our high-performance insulation to direct the heat into the living space. Radiant panels utilize state of the art engineering and materials to provide the maximum output for your dollar. As a result, our panels operate more efficiently than any other comparable electric infrared heater on the market today.