Simple To Install
Cost Saving
Radiant heating is environmentally-friendly

On average, over 40 percent of the energy used in a home goes towards space heating. Inefficient home heating systems cause environmental harm by wasting precious resources.

Central heating is wasteful, losing up to 25% of the energy in the ductwork. Radiant panels burn no fuel and they convert 100% of the power they consume into comfortable heat without wasting energy.

No Carbon Combustion

The earth’s resources must be used responsibly. Radiant panels operate without any carbon combustion, no toxic by-products of combustion, no open flame, and no fuel lines to leak. They add nothing to the air and take nothing away from the air, making them environmentally friendly.

Green Manufacturing

Our supplier sources all materials as locally as possible and we takes great care to reduce waste in their supply chain and manufacturing process. In fact, their total waste is less than 0.2%! The panels are 90% recyclable and with the 40-year lifetime of the products, the impact on the environment is small compared to any other heating system making radiant heating panels truly a sustainable heating system.

Free From Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields

Based on an independent third-party measurement of installed radiant panels, using a Gegahertz Solutions NFA 1000, EMF measured 0.17mG which is in the “Ideal” range based on biological risk definitions from The Institute of Building Biology and Ecology (IBE).